• Shiny Math Rocks and Communal Storytelling

    Shiny Math Rocks and Communal Storytelling

    Here I am amidst a pile of polite rejection letters, redesigning my portfolio and resume for the fourth time as my beloved institution winds down to a sad silence. I’m in desperate need of distraction. There’s a topic that’s been on my heart almost since the beginning of this blog, but I’ve struggled to find… Read more

  • Alignment isn’t just a stat in D&D: Attention to Detail in Graphic Design

    Alignment isn’t just a stat in D&D: Attention to Detail in Graphic Design

    I. Why does it matter? Often in my industry, I read that effective graphic design isn’t that hard. In some ways that’s accurate. It’s certainly not as time-consuming as it used to be, thanks to the tools and technology developed to streamline every part of the process. Graphic design was way more complicated before the… Read more

  • A Soft Landing for the Introvert

    A Soft Landing for the Introvert

    How do you unwind after a demanding day? A demanding day for me involves a lot of people or a lot of careful social navigation for one or two people, so what I do to wind down is what a friend calls “unpeopling.” I go away. Soft lights, soft blankets, water or hot tea depending… Read more

  • The Show is Over, Say Goodbye

    Not too long ago, after 35 years and nearly 14,000 performances, The Phantom of the Opera dropped the curtain (and prior to that, the chandelier) for the final time on Broadway. Since its arrival, Phantom has been a pop culture phenomenon and a musical institution. My opportunities to catch the show have been in streaming… Read more

  • I Live Here

    It’s been a fulfilling Saturday, after a very long pair of weeks. I am on my porch right now – our porch – sipping at the little cooled coffee left in mug while I listen to the neighborhood. There’s the constant bass thrum of traffic. Some of the rumbling comes as far off as the… Read more

  • Practice Today

    Practice Today

    Your feet are on the track today. Your brush is in the paint this moment. Your hands are on the keyboard right now. You’re practicing. So practice now. Read more

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