• New Gig

    My first book review – of Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of Family and a Culture in Crisis – has been published in The Hawk Eye, my local newspaper! You can read an excerpt of it here.  I’ll be writing periodically for The Weekly Read in the future. I’m so excited! Read more

  • Living With Anxiety Brain

    Living With Anxiety Brain

    I can’t look at death and say Yeah But Not Me anymore. I CAN say Yeah But Not Yet. Read more

  • Locked Out

    Locked Out

    I yell at horror movies. Not scream. Yell. Like an exasperated, uncertified life coach. The main characters in typical jump scare-peppered torture porn are not life choice role models. I ask them why they’re not calling Triple A about that cut fan belt after their girlfriend just tumbled into the pool of decaying roadkill. I suggest they stay… Read more

  • February


    The dye washes out of reality in an Iowa February. According to weather experts, the worst part of winter is the last week of December, and the first weeks of January. That certainly accounts for frigid weather and hip-deep snow, but not much else. February takes January’s misery into itself, and compounds it. The product… Read more

  • Legacy, and Lack Thereof

    Legacy, and Lack Thereof

    A day ago, a friend asked me, “what is your biggest fear?” I can’t typically answer that. When it comes to existential questions that want quantitative answers – what’s my [insert comparative word here] [insert mental or emotional process or list here]? – I’m not your gal. I’m a navel gazer, sure, but kind of… Read more

  • Expectations (this workout’s gonna suck…)

    Expectations (this workout’s gonna suck…)

    Tuesday night was my first trip to the gym since last Thursday. While that might not sound like much time, it’s important to consider how many cinnamon rolls, bottles of wine, Christmas cookies, and slices of fresh bread transpired in just those four days. The word ‘debauchery’ becomes ‘de-batch-ery,’ this time of year, as I… Read more

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