University Site Headers

Supporting the Iowa Wesleyan University website has been part of my duties since joining the Marketing team in 2020. This primarily takes shape as header graphics, which are designed in Photoshop and provided to the on-staff developer with some creative direction for animation.

I created a series of campus and student imagery for “Make IW part of your story” and “Experience Iowa Wesleyan,” with the intent to have the header display randomized images. These graphics were developed to be a placeholder as video was being developed to fill the space, and I wanted the space to look fresh even to repeat visitors until video was available.

I developed a series of graphics for IW’s new computer science major. These graphics featured a diverse cross-section of student imagery, working with computers and servers in a variety of environments.

This banner not only features my design work, but also my photography! I couldn’t find what I wanted in our existing campus photography, so I took this photo with the department’s DSLR camera, pulled it into Photoshop, and completed the design in the same day.

Holiday and special event graphics are some of my favorites. This header was designed after the holiday card we sent to IW alumni and friends. Our developer animated the graphic to include falling snow.

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